Теперь есть ли прибыль для машины для обработки туалетной бумаги?

Recently, Many people who want to make Toilet Paper Rolls will consider one question: Is there any Profit for Making Toilet Paper Rolls ?

Here we give you 2 suggestions for starting Toilet Paper Making:

1. As usual, It will need a 200-300㎡ plant for Toilet Paper Making. But if you just start your business, You can prepare a small area to put this toilet paper making machine, like about 7~8㎡ and also find another place to put large jumbo rolls.

2. It is very important for your to choose the RIGHT machines, Because ALL of our profit will come out by our processing machines. If we choose a cheaper one, maybe it will be broken frequently, We have to repair it frequently. Maybe you will think it doesn’t matter, It’s just a small problem. But it will take you lots of time for repairing and you have to pay salary to your staffs at the same time during repairing. And now, Considering your competitors, They are still going on processing during your repairing. Their cost of paper will be lower than yours. Do you think so ?

How can you solve this problem if your cost is higher than others ? Increasing your selling Price ? No one will purchase the expensive one when the products are all nearly same. Because there is no much more technology on toilet paper making, We can just reply on Price and Quality to survive. Thus, It is very important for us to select a RIGHT machine.