3 Kinds Of Common Paper Tissue Machines On The Market

Paper tissue making machine can produce a wide range of Paper Tissue Products to keep business and commercial restrooms sufficiently stocked with paper towel refills, facial tissue and toilet paper. There are also everyday products for residential use and fun novelty items for outdoor enthusiasts.

How to Select Tissue Paper?
3 common types paper tissue machines on market.
  • Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
  • 4 Lines Box Drawing Facial Tissue Folding Machine
  • Napkin Tissue Folding Machine
Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
Toilet paper rewinding machine is one of the most important toilet paper processing equipment.
The common type on the market is 1880 fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine.
Model 1880 fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts computer programming technology to realize automatic change of paper tube (or core-less automatic paper rolling), automatic glue spraying, sealing and trimming, which reduces labor intensity and improves product quality.

The jumbo roll are transferred from big roll to small rolls after embossing, punching and winding .The embossed pattern is clear and beautiful, spiral cutter punch neat, low loss, low noise, tightness of paper roll can be adjusted, electronic counting device can ensure the same paper roll diameters, it is an ideal equipment for producing toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Rewinding / Converting Machine is mainly used for converting big jumbol rolls into toilet rolls diameter. During the processing, There are following functions:

Jumbo roll stands for toilet paper machine
Jumbo roll stands
1-3 stands, for make 1-3 ply paper,with pneumatic lifter to life jumbo roll automatically.
deco color embossing for toilet paper machine
Embossing rollers
Single side embossing, Double sides embossing, Deco color embossing pattern.
Perforating Rollers for toilet paper machine
Perforating device
Can be adjusted to different perforating distances between each section.
core accumulator for toilet paper machine
Core accumulator
Can put in 10-30 pieces of cores, loading automatically.
rewinding diameter for toilet paper machine
Rewinding diameter
Can be adjusted to make toilet rolls, kitchen towels and Maxi rolls.
Tail trimming and gluing for toilet paper machine
Tail trimming and gluing
Automatically trimming and gluing after rewinding.
Full-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine model 1880 features:

1. automatic rewinding machine can choose double-sided embossing, and deco color glue lamination.Compared with single-sided embossing, it can make the paper softer, the finished product double-sided effect is consistent, and each layer of paper will not separate, especially suitable for the processing kitchen towel, and can save material when produce the same size roll.

Single Toilet Rolls Wrapping,toilet paper machine, paper machine
2. the machine can switch the final products’ style according to the user’s needs.Such as papepr roll with core or without core.

3. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing and extraction shaft are completed in one step, so that there is no paper loss when the paper coil is transferred to the belt saw for cutting and packaging, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has paper tail for convenience.

4. pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding and each axis of the original paper have an independent tension adjustment device.

We are familiar with box drawing facial tissue machine.It has a lot of different categories, according to the different capacity, there are 2 line to 14 line machine.

At present, the common type of facial tissue folding machine is 4L machine. A lot of small and medium-sized factory and individual investors use it.

The machine adopts vacuum absorption, automatic counting and folding device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity.

3 lines facial tissue machine
4L facial tissue folding machine features:

1. Automatic counting fractional whole row output;

2. Spiral cutter body shear, vacuum adsorption folding;

3. Stepless speed regulating unwinding, can adapt to high and low tension of the original paper;

4. Electrically controlled and pneumatic, easy to operate;

5. Adjustable product width to facilitate customer marketing;

6. Matching paper surface rolling pattern device, the pattern is obvious, flexible market demand.


L fold Facial Tissue Machine
It is mainly used in the raw material coil paper after embossing, folding, electronic technology, cutting processing into square and rectangular napkins.

Small napkins machine automatic folding cut count, a minute can produce 700-800 pieces of napkins.The machine adopts the electronic counting to skip the grade, which ensures the accuracy of sheet number and is easy to pack.

The embossing roller adopts heating and temperature-adjusting device, which makes the embossing effect clear and definite. According to different needs, it is equipped with the function of folding 1/4,1/6,1/8 and other specifications.

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